SophiaTX Blockchain platform for business

Suitable for precision transaction tracking and reducing the points of friction, for any business that relies on undisputable record of its business interactions, or to ensure that its transactions are being delivered on-time and in demanded quality manner, blockchain is the future of enterprise computing.

The amount of concurrent transactions in rapidly growing databases of nowadays business systems is asking for more data consistent, highly available, data-loss-proof procedures and thus asking for new approach in the design of standard data-management systems (ERP, CRM, SCM, …).

Modern transactions are distributed and blockchain records each of these transaction across the network. SophiaTX is the base for such speedy trustful transaction recording and distribution engine.

SophiaTX Developer Platform

  • Tailored for industry specific uses by organization of all sizes
  • Business scenarios leveraging Blockchain applications
  • Preconfigured and ready to use, innovative business models
  • Blockchain applications suitable for use by organizations across variety of industries
  • APIs: Integration enablement for enterprise-wide applications (e.g. SAP), IoT and other smart devices

SophiaTX Market Place

Digital economy writes new rules to challenge the business-as-usual. But by understanding this, companies of all sizes can prepare better consumer experiences, with straightforward operations and with data-driven new products and services. This will bring them new types of business transactions at much higher scale of processing – more data to analyze, but then also more data to build richer and more accurate transactions to cover future demanding needs.

SophiaTX Marketplace brings much demanded cooperation place to connect the demands of customers, rock-solid base of blockchain support and the ideas of enterprise system developers into one. Subscribing to the newsletter of this marketplace the customers will be periodically informed about any interesting new development that will be going on in the field of connection of traditional ERP and similar systems with modern blockchain-based transaction models.


Business innovation services for Blockchain and innovative integration

Business advisory

Technology consulting

Rapid prototyping and implementation

Business transformation

Comprehensive project management

Turn-key application development and integration

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