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Technology Partner

Products, services and software where blockchain can be embedded and/or enable further development and customer reach.

Advisory Partner

Ideation, advising, and assurance in guiding the client through blockchain initiatives.

Implementation Partner

Turnkey implementation and digital transformation services from ideation to capturing value.

Education & Certification Partner

Official training & certification programs for developers, consultants, and business professionals. Build on experience, supported by access to technology components and a unique library of assets.

Co-innovation Partner

Joint Innovation program specially designed for exploring how blockchain technology can provide differentiation and uniques features to drive growth and customer reach.

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  1. Innovators join when it is new.
  2. Early Adopters join when they perceive a benefit.
  3. Early Majority joins when there is a productivity gain.
  4. Late Majority joins when there is plenty of help and support.
  5. Laggards join only when they have to.

Statistically, Early Adopters benefit most from innovations.

5 Social Business Adopter Types: Prepare Early

Help customers understand the disruptive nature of blockchain

Get customers ready to address the market situation.
Create and co-create new innovative solutions.
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