10% of global GDP will be stored in Blockchain by 2027

By 2027, 75% of companies in the S&P 500 will be new companies not in the index today

By 2025, the total worth of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology could be $6.2 trillion

Most of that value is healthcare ($2.5 trillion) and manufacturing ($2.3 trillion)

Recipe for success

Blockchain and IoT integrated into enterprise applications = innovative business models = Equidato Technologies

Integration of IoT devices into Blockchain and enterprise applications

Enablement/Development of analytics and reporting capabilities in the age of Blockchain

Enterprise strength infrastructure and cloud capabilities


Thus we believe, that distributed proof of completing of any business transaction that cannot later be changed or disputed in the future, is basic for the future ERP and CRM systems. It is bringing full trust into complex process of business relations. So far, only blockchain technology can deliver such undisputable proof, at real-time speed of operations. Together with all-new types of relations – smart contracts, reusable building blocks in common marketplace etc.

We connect the traditional business processes with trustworthiness and trustfulness of blockchain network, ensuring that our customers could fully depend on and believe their business operations in any mode – on-line or off-line, local or international, small-, medium- or large-scale size. Once written in blockchain database, the information on business processes stays there forever and it is searchable, proofable and deliverable again and again, anytime and for any reason.



  • The most widely-used platform to move to blockchain basis.
  • Touches the highest amount of business customers thus could bring the most revenues for any connected partner/customer.
  • Industry standard and highest amount of business consultants all over the world.


Business innovation services for Blockchain and innovative integration

Business advisory

Technology consulting

Rapid prototyping and implementation

Business transformation

Comprehensive project management

Turn-key application development and integration

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